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  • 3D Printer
    MoonRay is Xunshi Technology's latest desktop DLP 3D printer. The device integrates several of the company's advanced technologies, including UV LED...
  • Printing Consumables
    Xunshi technology has independently developed the industry-leading photosensitive resin and photocurable wax with comprehensive performance, which is specially used for DLP, SLA and other photocurable 3D printers. Different types of products can be customized to adjust the physical and chemical properties of materials such as fluidity, curing wavelength range, strength and toughness of finished products, etc. according to the actual printing requirements, so as to expand the application scope of SP series products and become an important part of the total solution of 3D printing provided by fast real technology.
  • 3D Scanner
  • Other Products
    SLA is mainly aimed at the industrial market. It can print some hand parts and mechanical assemblies in a large, fast and efficient manner.