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Dental design expert

Specializing in clinical application services of chair-side 3D printing

Guangdong MoonSmile Medical Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing fast, accurate and high-quality digital dental design solutions for dentists around the world.


Business profile

MoonSmile has dived deep in digital dentistry market on the basis of digital technological services. It integrates clinical items including implantology, orthodontics and prosthodontics as well as provides professional design services, clinical applicatio


We compare patient’s CT data with intra-oral scanning data, perform 3D surgical simulation, determine the location, depth and axial direction of implants, and design more suitable and accurate digital implant guide plate.

Generally, there are tooth-supported guide plate, mucosal-supported guide plate, bone-supported guide plate,etc.



We collect patient’s panoramic, lateral cranial and facial images and intra-oral scanning data, simulate teeth alignment through 3D software, and then accordingly design the exact position and direction of brackets.

Generally, the tools involved are bracket positioning guides, invisible braces, lingual 2D bracket guides, etc.



Based on patient's dental arch data, the post-restoration effect can be designed immediately chair-side. We provide digital smile design services, realizing instant restoration.

Generally, the tools involved are DSD (diagnostic wax-up), movable resin base-plate, temporary crown, etc.



Digital implant clinical application training (performing implant surgery with accuracy, safety andminimal invasion)

Invisible orthodontic technique training (printing and making invisible braces chair-side)

Digital diagnosis model training (Patients can fully understand the treatment plan and the expected effect through intuitive models)


Providing professional digital dental service solutions