Surfing the wave of science toward future - 3D printing education campaign in campus

“Youth is the most vibrant group and the future of a nation”, breathing the refreshing air in campus, on April 17, SoonSolid Technology, together with Carestream Dental and Boya Stomotological Hospital, visited the Keqiao Campus of Shaoxing Luxun Middle School and held the education campaign with the theme of “3D Printing, Blooming Smiles”.

Students arrived at the venue very early, and there were bursts of quick footsteps in the corridor. Only a few students arrived late in a hurry. Ms Li, the teacher, said: “Students have been expecting this activity for a while. Those who can't make it are pretty regretful.” With warm applause, the activity kicked start.


This activity comprised three sessions: explanation of 3D printing and digital dentistry; education of oral nursing; On-site printing demonstration and free oral check-up.

Education on 3D printing, unveiling the mysterious high-tech

Mr. Wang from SoonSolid Technology Marketing Department presented students all kinds of 3D printing technologies with vivid videos, and everyone was enthusiastic in learning all the knowledge. When he explained the application of digital dentistry and operation of 3D printer, students kept noting down key points.

Through the interaction with students, Mr. Wang learned that some were undergoing orthodontic treatment by using invisible braces. He showed students the process of intra-oral scanning with Carestream CS3600, and his brilliant illustration set off the climax of the lecture. After obtaining intra-oral scanning data, the production of invisible braces is realized by 3D printing: intraoral scanning-data design-3D printing-casting-invisible braces. In fact, 3D printing is by your side.


Brushing with Bass techniques, healthy teeth in three minutes

Dr. Sun from Boya Stomotological Hospital explained oral nursing knowledge. Firstly, he introduced the common dental diseases with images, and the shocking images made students realize the importance of protecting teeth. Therefore, when Dr. Sun demonstrated Bass techniques, the students in the back row stood up to get a clear view.


Keen to practicing, students crowded the printing  area

At last, the much-anticipatedpractice session started. Following the instruction of moderator, students quickly flocked to and studied the SprintRay Pro dental 3D printer provided by SoonSolid. With intense discussion and happy laughter, students warmly interacted with SoonSolid personnel in the whole process of“slicing-pouring in resin material-clicking print button”. This simple activity further verifies the advantages of SprintRay Pro 3D as a user-friendly tool.


During dental arch printing, doctors from Boya undertook free oral check-up and consultation for students. Meanwhile, students received small 3D-printed gifts from SoonSolid.


“We are done!” Half an hour later, a shoot burst out in the quiet venue. Under the guidance of personnel, the team leader took down the printing platform and carried out post-processing. From the excited look of students, we can feel their happiness after experiencing 3D printing.


High school is crucial for students to cultivate interest and reserve knowledge. One step away from college, they need to learn more frontier and up-to-date achievements and discover new interests. As a national high-tech enterprise, SoonSolid has been committed to the cultivation of skilled talents. This event has educated students on oral health knowledge, but more importantly, it makes them understand 3D printing, promotes 3D printing technology and the training of additive manufacturing talents, and contributes to the talent reserve and innovation of China’s 3D printing industry.