Blockbuster! SoonSolid was named on two major lists in 2020 Venture 50 announcement

After 8 months, the glorious moment for 2020 Venture50!

Zhejiang SoonSolid Technology Co., Ltd. was listed in“Top 50 High-growth Enterprises with Investment Potential in 2020” and“Top 50 Players in Big Health Industry from Investment Community in 2020”respectively.inclusion in these two lists illustrates the affirmation and support of hundreds of investment institutions and over 1,000 investors for the performance of SoonSolid digital dentistry.

At present, SoonSolid is making great efforts to promote the development of digital dentistry in China and accelerate its deployment in global digital dentistry.

2020Venture50 Billboard


More than 80% of the enterprises in the Billboard received a new round of financing in 2020, including several large-amount financing events, reflecting the concentration of capital on star projects; The top 5 covers new consumption, big health and hardcore technology, which also reflects the elevating market demand for healthcare projects and capital’s pursuit of technology and consumption during economic restructuring, serving as the investment indicator of high-growth enterprises. With the expansion of cities, Billboard entrants are no longer solely based in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Instead, enterprises located in Guangzhou, Suzhou, Changsha, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Xi’an, etc. have boosted their strength, bringing with them quality and high-profile projects.

2020 industrial lists from investment community

The 2020 Venture50 has been further upgraded. In order to cover investment hotspots and explore more opportunities, five major industrial lists have been added, namely“Hardcore Technology”, “New Consumption”, “Big Health”, “Artificial Intelligence/Big Data” and “Corporate Service”. 50 enterprises (not floated yet)which will potentially shape the industry have been deeply explored. The contents of the lists are as follows.

2020 investment community

Big health Venture50


Venture50 (or V50 in short). After years of advancement and upgrading, it has served as a vigorous investment indicator of high-growth enterprises. Considering the different development stages of enterprises, the Billboard and New Star List were set up. V50 collects thousands of start-up projects and invites hundreds of investment institutes and more than 1,000 investors, creating a multi-dimensional interactive platform for entrepreneurs and investors and bridging capital to many start-up projects. In 2020, the five industrial lists were newly added, which explored in-depth the leading enterprises (not floated yet) with industry-shaping potential, guiding capital towards high-growth enterprises.

As of November 2020, V50 has received 70,000+enterprises as candidates and bridged more than 27 billion US dollars of financing. In the past three years, the follow-up financing rate of V50-listed enterprises reached 67.4%, and the floatation rate was about 21%. Ithas discovered and witnessed the success of countless outstanding start-ups from “new shoots” to “unicorns”, and served as the bridge between capital and industries as well as the real economy, thus cultivating the soil for entrepreneurship and innovation.