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SprintRay Pro
New Dental 3D Printer
  • DLP
  • Large forming space
  • large format
  • High precision
  • Strong compatibility
SprintRay Pro
For Dentistry

SprintRay Pro is much than just a new technology:it has the potential to control costs,improve flexibility,and expand the scope of patient care.To deliver on this potential,we made SprintRay Pro

 the most user-friendly,powerful and reliable desktop printer in dentistry.Because the technology in your office needs to solve problems,not create headaches.

Functional Characteristics
  • Unprecedented Speed
    With industry-first advances in projector technology,SprintRay Pro is up to three times faster than its predecessor while offering improved accuracy.
  • 60% More Capacity
    SprintRay introduces another key innovation with SprintRay's proprietary STEM Tank™ technology.60% greater tank capacity and volume estimates help ensure you never run out of resin.
  • Intensity,Meet Accuracy
    The custom projector in SprintRay Pro delivers high-intensity light evenly across the build surface for perfect,accurate prints every time.
Technical parameters SprintRay Pro
Build Volume 182×102×200mm³
XY Resolution 0.095mm
Layer Thickness 0.02—0.1mm
Printing Speed 10-15s/layer
Machine Size 380×415×525mm³
Printing Principle DLP
Software SprintRay
System Supported Windows、Mac OS