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Contour Crafting
Contour Crafting-3D Architectural Printer
  • Safety
  • Low cost
  • High precision
  • Time is fast
  • Art
Contour Crafting
Dream the future in 3D
Outline of the molding process (commonly known as "3 d printing building technology") is professor of industrial and systems engineering at the university of southern California than Locke, Mr Neves is developed, through the computer automatic control system of fast construction, made up of a giant 3 d extrusion machinery, used in extrusion head gear to create our house base and wall, directly produce buildings, this process not only cheap, fast construction, and friendly to environment, greatly reduce the construction cost and materials.
The traditional building
3D architectural printing
Labor intensive and inefficient
Automation, high efficiency
Hazardous events
No artificial danger
Waste, high emissions
Low carbon, green, energy saving, environmental protection
High cost, over budget
Low cost, accurate budget