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Industrial Solution
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Industrial manufacturing refers to the transformation of manufacturing resources (materials, energy, equipment, tools, capital, technology, information and manpower, etc.) into industrial products and consumer goods that can be used and utilized by people through the manufacturing process according to market requirements.

At present, 3D printing is mainly used in the industrial manufacturing field, including automobile and parts industry, mold design and manufacturing industry (representing the shoe mold market of the industry), electronics and electrical industry, instrument and instrument industry and other related industries. 3D printing has obvious advantages in product development, parts mold making, reverse engineering and repair, and rapid prototyping in their respective industries.


Relying on the leading industry technology, xunshi technology has provided a perfect application foundation for 3D scanner, 3D printer and printing consumables.

Examples of shoe mould application:

Shoe mold is the most important and fundamental part of the shoe industry. The traditional design and production of shoe mold are basically manual operations. The production concept and processing equipment are behind the rapid development of the shoe industry.

Design and production process of digital shoe mold:

Data measurement (sole, heel, last) -- data analysis and modification -- appearance optimization design -- 3d model rapid prototyping -- data reinspection -- rapid mold -- mass production

Through the digital production of shoe mold, greatly save time, accuracy can also be effectively improved, flexible small batch form, but also for the enterprise to reduce the risk of the market, has been verified by the market.

The actual results
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