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Dental Medical Solution
Application profile

The digital technology of dentistry has replaced the traditional denture manufacturing procedures such as mold taking, mold turning, model scanning, cutting and sintering, greatly shortening the time of diagnosis and treatment for patients, improving the comfort level of diagnosis and treatment, and achieving the best therapeutic effect.

 Well-known dental fast compaction technology and design software company, 3 d scanner manufacturers, professional for dental technicians, dental clinics to provide services, improve the application of digital technology in dental industry, in combination with the practical situation of dental industry, dental technicians, dental clinics is to provide a complete set of dental three-dimensional digital application solutions, in ensuring the denture made of high quality and high precision and shorten the production cycle, reduce cost and material loss, improve denture production capacity.


Xunshi technology provides professional dentistry 3d digital application solutions, provides professional support for your digital future, and provides more convenient diagnosis and treatment experience for your customers.


Solution process: three-dimensional digital scan scanner (using mouths or scanner to obtain complete clinical data) model to data analysis and design (scan USES software to analyze the data and to design virtual model repair) - > 3 D printing (through the MoonRay - D receiving model after data entity model printing) - > ChengMo (entity model post-process inspection application)

Printable dental model: Repair model (by mouth or other 3 d scanner to get teeth print repair model data), night grinding pad (be used for sleeping when grinding conditions and design a way to prevent teeth was worn to protect teeth), invisible orthodontic (a transparent braces) is used to correct teeth, indirect bonding tray (used to in traditional orthodontic applications, Print indirect bonding groove with a tray), planting operation guide () is used to assist doctors improve planting operation precision and temporary crowns (temporary crowns used for printing or temporary bridge), tray (for printing precision personalized tray), denture base (used for printing denture or partial removable denture base), orthodontic tooth model (used in the field of orthodontic model), etc.

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